EZTrader Review


eztrader_reviewConsidering the fact that binary options trading began long time ago, they became available on Internet-platforms starting from the year 2008. It led to an enormous popularity of binary options in recent years. Such ground-breaking binary options trading platform as EZTrader was a pioneer in this industry as it was first introduced to the industry in the same year (2008) and since that time has been rapidly developing, improving its features, functions and trading conditions to satisfy even the most demanding investors. The platform is so simple and effective that a lot of sites are constantly trying to copy it.

As one can notice from the broker’s name (similar to “easy trader”), its main aim is to make online trading as simple as it is only possible. The company’s team that consists of professional and advanced workers offers its clients an opportunity to trade with the help of binary options, offering a simple, effective, dynamic and cost-efficient platform that is so much distinctive from any other traditional process.

Simplicity and speed of the system as well as its minimum investment attract more and more traders from all over the world with each passing day.

EZTrader was the first brokerage company that has launched an online terminal. Despite the fact that 8 years have passed since that time, the company is still in the top 10 binary options brokers.

Unlike many other platforms, being a developer of its own platform, EZTrader represents many ways and methods for options Internet-trading. Comparing with other sites that buy standard platforms, EZTrader is proud of its platform results and therefore keeps investing in its further development.

The most important is that the company’s priorities are you, a client and twenty-four-hour top-class service. Its professional team of customer managers is capable of dealing with absolutely any situation by means of providing a consultation on your strategy as well as solving any issue with support. The consultations are offered in many languages. Managers would gladly answer all your questions any time from Monday to Friday.

Another advantage of the company is that it is licensed by the CySEC and therefore is strictly controlled and regulated by different European authorities making the broker reliable and trusted. Apart from the CySEC license it has also got NASDAQ and PCIDSS – these two additional licenses make the company basically the only broker that takes its regulation law so serious on the territory of Russia.

Currently, EZTrader sets itself as a company with “revolutionary” technologies. Its main goal and principle is security of clients’ funds, data and operations. The forte of this particular broker is trading on stock exchanges. Especially for this, it offers stocks/shares of the largest enterprises and industrial giants. Along with that, you can easily come across a broad array of more classic trading instruments, such as: currencies, indexes and commodities (more than a 100 in general).


EZTrader doesn’t require filling multiple forms and applications consisting of dozens of pages. All you need to do to pass the registration process is to fill in a few lines stating your personal information (name, surname, e-mail and a phone number). This procedure will not take more than a few minutes. Right after that, is the time to add funds to a deposit. Here, you will have a choice among three different currencies to choose from: American dollar, Euro and British pound. NOTE*** Many, even large brokers offer only one and only currency. Moreover, EZTrader doesn’t divide its clients into poor and rich and therefore all accounts are similar in terms of level and quality of services, trading conditions, bonuses and education.


The company’s platform is really different from many others offered in this industry. It is pretty stylish, original and distinctive. Yet, its main and most important plus is that it immediately strikes traders’ eyes and therefore has an extremely useful peculiarity – availability of 4 windows at the same time. This exceptional feature is very comfortable because there is no need to “jump” from one window to another one. Basically, four windows for trading is more than enough for an effective market review and analysis as hardly anybody is capable of trading with more than four instruments simultaneously.

Unlike, many other brokers that offer 4 kinds of options, EZTrader, unfortunately, provides only three. It lacks such options as “One-Touch” and “Range” which are usually included to the terminal as high-profit instruments. Speaking about the trading zone, where the platform is located, it is secured by a SSL security protocol which is normal for top-class companies of a serious level, for example, EZTrader.

Along with that technical indicators which are sometimes so needed and essential for traders in the sense of usage in a trading process are absent. But the terminal has a great selection of expirations.

Platform Advantages

  • an opportunity to have and work with four windows at the same time;
  • unusual and creative style in “calm” and “relaxing” colors;
  • security of a trading zone with the help of a SSL protocol;
  • wide selection of available expirations;
  • dynamics and high speed (no delays were noticed);

Platform Disadvantages

  • absence of technical indicators;
  • absence of two profitable options;

EZMobile for Android and iPhone

EZTrader is a company that is very distinctive from other brokers and which is now also available in a mobile version. This makes the trading process comfortable as it enables traders to make deals, open positions etc from any place (during the break at work, vacation etc) and anytime (24/7).

This mobile application lets take part in exciting options trading no matter where you are! All you need to do is to select one of a little bit more than a hundred assets, decide upon the strategy, go to your account and open an operation wherever you are and whatever time it is.

One more plus that belongs to this area is that it is absolutely free and you just need to have a tablet or a smartphone with Android or iOS (iPhone) operating systems.

Financial Assets

This particular binary options broker offers its customers more than a hundred financial assets. As it was already mentioned above, the majority of them are stocks/shares, currencies, indexes and of course commodities.

Generally, this quantity of assets is more than enough for a trading process, especially considering the fact that currently, exactly stocks are widely seen as the most efficient asset due to their easy movement predictability.

Option Types

Earlier, it was said that the company offers three types of option trading, namely:

  • binary options or how they are also called – classic options – the main condition for getting income with this kind is the investor’s right prediction of the price direction. In order to fix the cost, this price should be at least one point higher at the moment of expiration (for Call trades) and (for Put trades) minimum one point lower from the market entry place (from the price at which the deal was made);
  • “60 Second” – quick and fast trading the expiration time of which is only 60 seconds. According to the technology of exercising and profit fixation, this kind of an option is identic or one-to-one with classic options. The only difference is the expiration of the deal;
  • Sell-option – this is a type with a profound and essential new function that lets traders sell their option back to the broker before it expires. But what is this function for? The answer is very simple – price movement has a form of a wave with a certain circularity. Right after the trader bought an option with a condition of a Put or Call and the price went to the planned zone, he/she is capable of using the function “Sell-option” and sell his/her option back without waiting for the moment when the price goes to a loss-making zone;

Payments and Withdrawals

In this area, EZTrader’s clients are satisfied as the payment services include all popular ways and methods of adding funds starting from bank cards: Vasa and MasterCard, American Express and finishing with electronic systems, for instance, WebMoney, NETELLER, QIWI and many others. As befits, payments happen without any delays and require only a couple of minutes.

Withdrawing process is available at the same payment systems, yet here one needs to wait not less than 3 working days for the money to be settled. Also remember, that withdrawals are possible only after passing a verification process (submitting of any document that would state your real personal data to clarify your identity: passport, driver’s license etc). This procedure is standard for absolutely all brokers without any exceptions as it means that your money will be in “good hands”, i.e protected from frauds and money laundry.


Educational services and resources provided by the EZTrader broker is the same for each and every client, no matter how much money you added to your account. Everything is the same if you added a minimum sum to your account or more than 5.000 dollars.

This being said, beginners are capable of finding on the broker’s site lots of materials with the help of which they can become fully acquainted with basic skills needed for binary option buying and selling, simple strategies etc in the shortest time. Meanwhile, advanced investors can come across more complicated materials related to multiple techniques, indicators, strategies and many other interesting things.

In the whole, the learning process on the site is based on an interactive foundation and includes video-lessons, interactive and electronic books, financial calendars, reference books etc.

Customer Support

When learning the company’s site, you will see the following form of support: online chat, a call with the function of a callback, as well as e-mail for more detailed and official discussion of questions, issues or problems regarding any topics. There is an opportunity to use and talk to Russian speaking managers twenty-four-hours a day. Taking into account the fact that there are no financial instruments on the site which can be traded at the weekends, the support on Saturday and Sunday doesn’t work.

Considerable Pros TOP 10

  1. minimum deposit is two hundred dollars;
  2. excellent, comfortable, stylish and profitable terminal;
  3. the presence of extensive options;
  4. a big quantity of financial instruments;
  5. a good choice of ways and methods for payments and withdrawals;
  6. dynamic and quick performance of the platform;
  7. great security of client’s information, personal data and operations;
  8. wide range of expirations;
  9. the terminal is clear and intuitive;
  10. the company is licensed by three authorities at the same time;

Considerable Cons

  • absence of instruments for a technical analysis in a platform;
  • absence of high-profitable options (“One-Touch” and “Range”);


Stopping the choice at the EZTrader, a client, first of all, opts for a company that is regulated and controlled by three different authorities at the same time. This means high security trading process and good trading conditions which lead to high income.

Trading with this particular broker corresponds to its name “easy trader” as it is really simple yet effective. Availability of minor cons in options types is graded and leveled by an excellent choice of instruments along with interesting trading conditions as well as good educational course, learning materials, professional technical and customer support, well-thought banking services etc. Consider all its pros and cons, comments, feedbacks and reviews and you will realize that this company is really worth cooperating with.


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