Can you use Binary Options to invest in Precious Metals?


Binary Options and Precious MetalsGold has always been seen as one of the best products to invest in. It is one precious metal that will always be in demand and usually holds its value exceptionally well. Of course, like any other asset, it will fluctuate in price. Gold is usually the default asset which investors buy when the markets are particularly volatile; it has always been seen as the safest asset and the most secure way of storing your funds. It is possible to purchase gold in a variety of forms and store it at home; you can then sell it in the future when you need the funds. However, once you start collecting gold at home you will need to consider increasing your security and purchasing a safe. For this reason you may prefer to purchase your gold through the internet and have a third party look after your gold. There are several companies which will offer this service and provide a valid way of saving your gold for the future with minimal cost involved.

Of course, this is a long term investment strategy. Gold is relatively stable; the price fluctuation is unlikely to make you much richer overnight. Instead you must hold onto the gold for the long term and then sell it when you can gain a significant return on your investment. A better short term option is to look at investing in gold or one of the other precious metals by using binary options.

Getting Started

The first step is to create an account with one of the many binary options brokers; it is advisable to choose a registered and regulated broker; this will inspire you with confidence that you are being properly looked after.

Once you have created an account and placed some funds on deposit with them you will be able to purchase an option against gold. The idea is to decide whether the price of gold will rise or fall within a set timescale. If you predict the direction of price movement correctly then you will gain a good rate of return on your funds. If you get the trend wrong then you will lose the investment you have made.

Price Fluctuations

The beauty of trading in gold is that, although the price may not fluctuate greatly, it does move. Providing you get the trend right you can make a significant return on your investment; usually approximately eighty percent.

Most brokers will also give you a welcome bonus; these can be used to invest far more than you may have done; potentially rapidly and dramatically increasing your profit margin.

The original theory behind binary trading meant that if the trade did not go in your favor you lost your investment. However, many brokers are now offering a return even if your trade goes the opposite way to what you expected. The return may be as low as ten percent but this is still something back when you would have received nothing.


If you have never used binary options trading before then it is advisable to select a broker who has a demo account. This will allow you the opportunity to understand how their site works, how to place a trade and how to decide which trades are potentially good. There will also be a range of information available which can help you to improve your knowledge of trading and make the best possible choices.

To practice investing in gold simply watch the prices and study historic price charts. These, combined with any relevant economic factors should tell you what gold is doing at the moment. The demo account will allow you to invest without risking your own funds.

Most of the time gold moves upwards in price, however, certain factors can reverse this trend and allow you to make a healthy profit; with a little effort binary options trading in gold can provide a good financial reward.