Binary Option Robot Review


BinaryOptionRobot ReviewThe question of using a robot in binary options trading is always important and is of immediate interest. Lots of traders are searching for such instruments which would let them earn without them taking part in the buying and selling process. This means that a robot makes all decisions by itself as well as leads the trading procedure from the very beginning when the position is opened and till the end when it is exercised. Modern market has a few options to offer in terms of robots, therefore, today we are going to have an accurate and precise look at one of them – BinaryOptionRobot.

BinaryOptionRobot is a fully and completely computerized trading decision that is perfect and ideal for traders of all levels, to be exact for either those who don’t have much knowledge about this particular industry or for professionals who are aware of safe and flexible instruments that bring money and so-desirable success and independence.

To use this robot, there is absolutely no need to download it or set any software to make it work. It is available through the web-interface and is located on a special server that lets users trading even with the help of a mobile phone, tablet or any other gadget that has an access and connection to Internet. Of course trading due to usual PC (personal computer) is also available and welcomed. But just in case if you are on a vacation or elsewhere and need to check, control and monitor your trades, it is possible thanks to gadgets.

Another BinaryOptionRobot very significant positive feature is its flexibility, since it lets buying and selling multiple assets including currencies, commodities and indexes using different binary options strategies, thus diversifying risks in line with many financial instruments. Automatic system gives all investors an opportunity to set parameters according to their needs and preferences which in its turn enables them to estimate the risk level that they are ready to face or experience and reach optimal income from the sum of invested money.

Additionally to the software, the robot also provides its clients with trading signals. These signals are based on calculations of the top-class and latest algorithms which process large volumes of historical data and information and as a result predict the price movement/direction for variable types of assets. As all other robot functions, this signal function lets choosing the most appropriate and right variant for you personally.

West Trend

On the robot’s site, you will come across such a point as an offer to download a robot with a Russian interface. Having mentioned that, they also emphasize upon the fact that every person is capable of using the technical support services which eagerly solves all possible and impossible questions, problems and issues connected with robot settings and trading with it.

Scam or Not?

The system is integrated with terminals of the most prestigious, reputable and of course controlled and regulated brokers. This guarantees a reliable and safe buy/sell process as all regulated and controlled by authorities brokers perform under constant control of relevant authority according to all laws and rules in force. Combination of a unique and exceptional software for automatic trading purposes, accurate signal service and excellent customer support, let’s summarize and say without any hesitations that this particular system is not a scam as well as not fake but a legal and trustworthy system.


One more point that raises some doubts among traders worldwide is the guarantees. On the site, you will see information stating that absolutely each and every trader can count on a complete refund/repayment that was spent on a robot under the condition that during two months it will be unsuccessful and fail to demonstrate excellent performance. Here are several moments to consider and take into account:

– according to the statistics that claims to have 83% of profitable trades, there simply cannot be any losses. Yet on the site, we see risks politics which states that a trader can lose everything as well as an offer about a possible repayment of the spent and invested money;

– another point that should be definitely mentioned is that communication with people selling this robot in Russian language is impossible. There is a Russian interface which is not that good, but there is not even one employee who would speak Russian. Along with that, the customer support doesn’t even try to change something or make some steps in order to solve this problem. As a matter of fact, the site is introduced to the Russian speaking market, yet doesn’t have a Russian speaking support. How can this be and who should people send their complaints to? Because of this situation, there arise big concerns about solidity and presentability of the people, who offer a robot to Russian speaking customers. Of course with international customers there are no issues as they all speak English.

NOTE*** an interesting fact that should be compulsory paid attention to is the following – you are offered the repayment but not all sum that you spend (purchasing of a license and a deposit) but only the amount of money you spend for the license. Consequently, even if they return you the money, it will be a sum of no account.

Brokers to Cooperate With

One would think that BinaryOptionRobot “came” to the market from Western Europe, meaning that for working purposes it should offer the largest brokerage companies of its region. This is very logical as they propose a unique product as well as compensation in case of bad luck and losses. This should mobilize the company with only the most superior brokers that lead an honest trading. But when it comes to it, it turns out that it is possible to work with such brokers as:

  • StockPair;
  • ZoomTrader;
  • TopOption;

None of the above-mentioned companies is the largest in this industry. The best choice among them would still be StockPair as it offers free services.

Working Process

In order to begin working with the robot, you have to register. This process will not take more than a few minutes of your time. After you fill in your personal data in a special application form, you have a chance to select the currency (USD, EUR, GBP and CAD) – the one you would like to use on your account.

Traders can start with a minimum deposit which makes $200. Depending on the broker, you decide to work with, you will have an opportunity to add funds to your account in multiple payment ways/methods: bank/credit cards, electronic wallets, wire transfer etc.

As soon as all these manipulations are over, you can easily start dealing with the setting in compliance with your priorities and preferences. As a matter of convenience, there is a simple text-book which you can learn in case of necessity or use it anytime you need. One of the best features that belong to this robot is that it allows users to set a risk levels you are ready to face by choosing one of the four level risks for trades: low, moderate, average and high. This gives investors a unique sort of control over the process. This is especially useful for novices since it lets them learn binary trading as well as receive so-desirable knowledge and skills without making considerable mistakes and losing funds.

When all parameters are set, the software will begin its automatic trading as consistent with your preferences and will keep working even if you are away from the monitor, which means that you shouldn’t monitor and check the market all the time but simply enjoy the profitable trading strategy. Besides, it is possible to change the settings whenever you wish without any limitations.


  • this is a completely automatic and computerized trading decision that is ideal and suitable for beginners with lack of knowledge and experience as well as professionals know are “up their alley” in this industry;
  • it doesn’t require software downloading which means that you can begin trading from any computer, mobile device, tablet or any other gadget with an access to Internet;
  • difficult software has an extremely simple for understanding and working user-friendly interface;
  • traders have a possibility to select signals from several reliable resources which are renewed in a regime of a real time;
  • extensive settings of the parameters enable investors of all levels receive so necessary flexibility for reaching optimal outcomes;
  • high trading speed – the service immediately reacts on a trading signal and makes a deal on your account;
  • unlike many other binary options brokers, BinaryOptionRobot adjusts and adapts to any conditions of the market as it is not a specified strategy but it only repeats human deals from a pro;
  • the robot is free for everyone without any exceptions;
  • constant support – even if something is not clear, you can always write to a customer support using the tab “Contacts”;


  • the accuracy of deals is 83% yet sometimes it happens that some signals might be wrong and false;
  • absence of Russian speaking customer support (though the interface can be downloaded in Russian);


With such kind of an account, you get an opportunity to receive an access to a renovated version of the main account with additional functions for improving trading results. One of them includes the settings of risk level where you can choose the level of risk signals you get.

To get this account, you need to bring a friend and both of you will be awarded with two months of a free access. For each and every brought friend you receive an extension of a free access.

This automatic system offers traders all instruments necessary for reaching optimal results in this industry. In consequence of different factors that influence on the assets prices, it is impossible to 100 per cent predict all market changes that might sooner or later happen. That’s why more than 83% of winning trades proposed by the robot is a great and real figure.

Computerized functions together with its omnitude that is provided by in advance set parameters and risks level control, make this particular robot an excellent choice for both beginning and advanced traders. It also gives them an opportunity to reach the best results in the sense of investments they have made.

This robot is a software that is connected to the most reputable and top-class brokers that follow all laws and regulations and therefore offer high-quality services provided from the authorities side. This gives a capability to develop your skills in a trading process with minimum risks and make the most profitable income from your trades.

This review about BinaryOptionRobot includes a lot of components, such as, for example, accuracy, payments, pros and cons, popularity, potential audience etc. Having analyzed the market, comments, feedbacks and other reviews, we have come to a conclusion that this binary option robot is one of the best in the industry (if not to consider absence of Russian speaking customer service).

It is one of the best robots because it is simple in usage and doesn’t require any previous knowledge and skills. It also has all modern and profitable trading systems, option trading strategies and methods to make as much money as it is only possible. Apart from that it is compatible with many trusted brokers.

Summarizing it all up, it is a unique and effective binary options trading service where all minor cons are taken into account for an automatic buying and selling. This robot is highly recommended and advised as judging from the practice it is absolutely safe. Give it a chance and you will not regret as it enables every single person to be wherever and doing whatever yet still receive stable income that leads to independence.


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